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Change is good!

Getting into blogging is really not hard, and actually fun!

With all this technology and the advances that occur almost daily, I can see why some may have a hard time keeping up. I felt intimidated by a change. Who doesn't? Embracing what technology offers is actually a good thing. It's the same when purchasing a new drone. You are currently flying the drone you have, as like you stole it. You know all the controls, inside and out and how your drone reacts to its controls. Then comes along that "new" drone. You have to have it! Embracing new technology should be thought the same way. The way technology advances, we will almost never go backwards.

Blogging is a really good way to quickly engage with your audience and get your presence out there. Heck, there is always a chance you can make money doing it too. I could only dream of receiving a good check weekly for writing. You can also make some mistakes if you are a new blogger. They can be avoided if you always stay on topic and know what you are writing about.

I recently decided to return to school. I am taking online courses towards a degree in business management, with a focus on social media and digital marketing. Just like any college course, I took an English Composition course (ENG 101). I found out that I really liked writing and I was good at it. I could sit down in one session and get my thoughts down without losing a train of thought. I had zero issues coming up with topics to write about and getting those thoughts on paper. My only issue was maybe a grammar mistake here and there. That was mostly due to being in a hurry. A really easy way for me to do this successfully was knowing what you're writing about. That and almost writing 20 years of police reports probably helped. Those reports gave me a good foundation on staying on point and getting facts in your writings. So like I stated earlier, knowing what you are writing about, makes it that much easier. Happy writing!

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