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A new breed!

I want to introduce you to a new breed of drones. Meet Autel Robotics EVO 𝖨𝖨 series drones. As I write this, these drones are currently in production and there is no set pricing. Just rumors.

EVO II Series Drones

EVO series 𝖨𝖨 is a series of three drones. The first drone is the EVO 𝖨𝖨, the world's first portable 8K drone. This drone is able to capture resolutions at 8000x6000. It also has a loss-less camera zoom up to 4x.

EVO II with 8K

The second drone is the EVO 𝖨𝖨 PRO. This drone has a 1-inch sensor with a 6K resolution. An adjustable aperture, HDR and intuitive camera controls make this a great drone for mapping and awesome aerial cinematography.

The third drone is EVO 𝖨𝖨 dual. It comes with a thermal resolution of 640x512 and an 8K sensor. This drone will be the workhorse for first-responders and business owners alike.

Screenshot of EVO II dual Thermal

These drones have a 12-point computer vision sensor that can navigate all directions, avoiding any obstacle. This system makes it able to detect obstacles up to 30 meters away. Autel even went further than DJI when it comes to battery life. Right now, my Mavic zoom can stay in the air for about a half-hour. The EVO series has a projected flight time of 40 minutes of flight time, and 35 minutes at a constant hover.

Autel went further with range. The EVO series has a range of 9 kilometers (5.59miles). Although never recommended, it clearly means for a stronger signal in areas that may have been sketchy in the past. Even though the range is very far, FAA requires you operate within a line-of-sight.

I have been a DJI owner since they came out. I have owned a Phantom 2 vision, a Phantom 3 Professional, a DJI spark, and a Phantom 4. Right now I fly a Phantom 4 Pro and a Mavic Zoom. Their drones are superb and I never had an issue with any of these 6 drones. The EVO series definitely looks like a game-changer. This goes back to an earlier blog about how fast technology has advanced. We are only scratching the surface.

Check out their video below. If you're like me, always looking for a bad-ass song for your playlist. The video soundtrack is "Stand Alone" by Generdyn (featuring Zayde WΗΏlf)

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